What We Do

At the Personal Injury Institute, we work with medical doctors, chiropractors and other health care providers who play a crucial role in the proof as well as the treatment of their patients’ traumatic injury claims resulting from motor vehicle accidents and other negligent circumstances. Over the past 20 years, we’ve been developing the tools, programs, products, and methods medical professionals and attorneys need and use to master effective Personal Injury Case Management.



The Personal Injury Institute will show you how to build a practice from a series of single referrals to a steady stream by acquiring the necessary record keeping, documentation and collaborative skills, all in a rigorous and ethical fact-based manner. For More Information on our Practice Building Solutions, please click here.



The Personal Injury Institute provides thorough record reviews, clinical recommendations for case doctors, dynamic case analysis forms, cutting edge protocols, and can serve as clinical advisors. For more information on Evaluations, please click here.

Computer keyboard and stethoscope. IT for physicians.


Dr. DeGaetano and his network of physicians and chiropractors help close the gaps in communication that can interfere with effective collaboration between attorneys and treating or consulting doctors.More Information on Personalized PI Practice Consulting, please click here.

Our services’ business objectives include:

  1. Your understanding the elements of damage claims to avoid and resolve anticipated problems with respect to motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, medical malpractice and other negligence scenarios.
  2. You develop internal processes and systems that can protect the value of a client’s claim through all stages and steps and points of contact in the medical-legal system.
  3. Your ability to deliver and/or coordinate any information about a patient’s condition, prognosis and treatment is standardized and structured to settle fees and claims at fair value or to the full amount of damages at trial.

Our Experience and Guarantee

Even with all the advancements of today’s internet marketing, the fundamentals of building a Personal Injury Chiropractic practice can be low-tech. Relationships are built on trust, success, and value. Educating yourself on how to strategize, plan, and execute an Insurance and Attorney referral marketing campaign will be the conduit in bringing in new patients to your offiec. The key to maintaining those lead sources long-term, will be your ability to efficiently service their needs so that everyone wins.

With over 15 years of Practice Building consulting experience, The Personal Injury Institute’s education programs are comprehensive but not overwhelming. With reference documentation and real-life scenarios, you’ll learn how to create a method that works within the construct of your existing practice.

For more information, please contact us at 800-794-7896 or email us at [email protected]