Helping Doctors, Chiropractors and Lawyers Obtain Better Results

Dr. Matthew J. DeGaetano’s Personal Injury Institute offers comprehensive training and ongoing support for health care professionals who need to achieve a better understanding of the procedures and principles that inform the personal injury litigation system, the insurance industry’s claim resolution practices, the approval or rejection of disability claims and other systems that patients depend on for the financial needs that can arise in the aftermath of a serious accident or chronic medical condition.

Our Programs
Teleconference | Practice Building


For Chiropractors who prefer a live learning environment but cannot leave their practice for an offsite event.

Online Learning | Practice Building

Online Learning

Understanding today’s technology culture, for many professionals, education and learning online is the perfect solution.

Live Events | Practice Building

Live Events

The Institute hosts live training and education events for professionals looking to increase their PI case efficiency.

Custom Learning | Practice Building

Custom Learning

PII has worked with many Associations, firms, and larger multi-practitioner practices who prefer custom training solutions.

Benefits and Reasons To Engage

  • The Personal Injury Institute’s courses are available for continuing legal or chiropractic education credits in the great majority of jurisdictions, and we work with professionals across the United States to improve their performance and their profits.
  • Learn how to increase your outstanding patient service while addressing the evidentiary needs of the lawyers who are working to protect the patient’s financial interests.
  • Understand and master your trauma patients from both a clinical aspect and from the medical-legal-insurance perspective. The program educates from a medical perspective, and legal perspective, but most importantly, from the insurance perspective.
  • Make sense of the report writing process and why you will stop losing thousands of dollars per case. Your practice success is dependent on efficient delivery of care, case management conclusions, diagnosing through imaging, neuro-diagnostics, and clinical evaluations.
  • Learn doctor business and marketing protocols for your state to gain access to new lead sources without overwhelming effort.
  • Ensure timely payment through effective documentation and how to deliver that documentation to third-party payers, with the most effective strategies straight from the insurance companies.

For more information, please contact us at 800-794-7896 or email us at [email protected]