About Us

Program Director and Founder – Dr. Matthew J. DeGaetano

A graduate of Parker Chiropractic College with an additional 300 hours of postgraduate training in the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Association Diplomate Program, Dr. Matthew J. DeGaetano has accumulated postgraduate training in neurology, whiplash and brain traumatology, and is certified in Colossus claim evaluation software. In 2003, he became certified by the American Medical Association, is a member of the American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians, and is also a Peer Review Medical Evaluator in the state of Texas.

Dr. DeGaetano’s areas of expertise include whiplash and brain trauma, the biomechanics of spine trauma, soft tissue injury and repair, pain and proprioceptive neurology, and the management of spine and spine-related disorders.

In the course of his 15-year professional career, Dr. DeGaetano has seen many situations in which improved communication between doctors, chiropractors and personal injury attorneys would not only lead to better outcomes for the people they serve, but would strengthen private professional practices in terms of both volume and profitability. Accordingly, he has developed a program of courses, seminars and training modules to educate legal and medical professionals.

Bridging the Gap between Medical and Legal Communities

Dr. DeGaetano is respected in the legal community for his ability to bring complex anatomical and physiological factors into perspective with case management decision-making and documentation in personal injury and other areas of practice. He is also known for his clarity in communicating chiropractic principles in practice and research, and his commitment to sharing advances in both clinical research and recently published literature on a wide range of clinically relevant topics.

Licensed as a chiropractor in Texas and New York, Dr. DeGaetano now heads the Personal Injury Institute’s Personal Injury University, an organization committed to improving the performance of medical and legal professionals in the diagnosis, treatment and litigation of personal injury, workers’ compensation and disability claims. Dr. DeGaetano has worked with major corporations such as Federal Express, Photocircuits Corporation and Xerox on ergonomics, risk management and similar topics. With Photocircuits in 1997, he opened and operated the first onsite worker injury treatment and ergonomic center, which treated hundreds of injured workers each year at a substantial savings to the company.

Nationwide Service for Doctors, Chiropractors and Attorneys

He has worked with medical doctors, chiropractors and law firms all over the United States to help professionals work together across disciplinary lines for the benefit of the patients and clients they serve. He emphasizes an improved understanding of insurance industry claim evaluation and settlement practices as the foundation of better patient and client service. His services for professionals include training on Colossus insurance industry claim evaluation software, personal injury trauma, the biomechanics of vehicular crash injuries, clinical trauma case management, and damages claim documentation issues and strategies.

In addition to his work with the Personal Injury Institute, Dr. DeGaetano currently maintains several clinical practices in Dallas-Fort Worth while serving as director for marketing and business development with 20 other practices in chiropractic treatment, orthopedic surgery and pain management.

Based in Dallas Fort Worth, the Personal Injury Institute provides personal injury training and marketing advice to medical, chiropractic, alternative health care and legal professionals across the United States, including in Texas, California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Louisiana.

For more information, please contact us at 800-794-7896 or email us at [email protected]