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Online Learning Programs

For professionals who prefer to work learn at their own pace, through a variety of videos, documents, and presentations, the Personal Injury Institute offers a unique online 7 Module cirriclum designed to take students step by step through the key elements that result in a successful personal injury practice.

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Personalized Consulting

For Associations, group practices, and individual professionals looking for custom consulting solutions including one on one Personal Injury case marketing and management training, MD Case Validations, or Colossus software services.

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Live Seminars & Events

For professionals looking to maximize their learning experience in a very short amount of time, the Personal Injury Institute hosts training seminars, conferences, and other live events throughout the US. Designed as a Personal Injury “Boot Camp”, students are presented with key components of the seven in depth training modules in just one or two days.

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ChiropracticAttorneysOther Medical Professionals
As a Chiropractor, you enter the profession on the principle of helping people. Few chiropractors understanding of how to develop and maintain their practice and grow it as a business. Even with excellent service, affordable fees and positive patient outcomes, a strong practice requires constant referral bases to surpass attrition. 
Attorneys throughout the United States look to protect the value of accident claims under a variety of circumstances. Whether you’ve ever suspected problems with medical evidence or have had issues with the coordination of client/patient care, the Personal Injury Institute teaches and coaches Attorneys on key Personal Injury case management triggers, and can provide expert peer reviews or evaluations and witness testimony. 
Physical Therapists, alternative health providers, and other medical professionals are looking for a steady flow of repeat, and repeatable business via Personal Injury. Understanding and learning the ways to effectively collaborate with primary care doctors, case managers, and Chiropractors widens your front door to new patients who have been effected by whiplash, traumatic brain injury and the nonspecific pain complaints following low-impact motor vehicle collisions.